How does one Satisfy someone?

Now the title of this whole thing can either be the truth or very, very misleading. It all depends on how you as the reader interpret it. Now people ask a lot of questions when it comes to satisfying or pleasing someone that they like or are together with. The answer to that is not sex. Yes I realize I’m a teenager talking about such a serious topic but it got me thinking all because of a ‘Law and Order’ episode. This young girl was raped and killed but they revived her and as it turns out she believes she wasn’t raped because she thought her and the guy had a serious love relationship. She did everything she did because she believed it would “satisfy” this guy. There is so much more than that to satisfying someone. It doesn’t take much to please a man or a woman. Me as a teenager I see things that can possibly influence me, right? Wrong. I know what is right and what is wrong, I know what rape is and I know what consensual sex is and I certainly know the difference of it. I know that some teenagers are pressured actually anyone for that matter. Anyone can be pressured into having sex with someone. Someone can get pressured into marrying someone who they don’t want to marry. It’s tough being a man or a woman, being human is already difficult enough. Going into the real world is even tougher on us as a human being. We can only be nurtured by our parents for so long. Then we grow up and face real world problems and they can’t be fun. The world we live in is cruel and we all know the saying “Life is a bitch”. I guess what I’m really trying to address is the fact that nobody has to do something that they don’t want to do. Don’t think for a second that someone can force you to do something you don’t want to do, plain and simple.

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